Testimonials -- Hollywood Script Notes

"Hollywood Script Notes finds your devil in the details. Their honest, critical feedback always improves my scripts, and from personal experience, it's taken my writing to the next level that generated real traction and interest in my work." -- John Murphy, Writer/Producer


"I have used Hollywood Script Notes to get development feedback on a number of projects. 100% satisfaction. Highly recommended." -- Jeff Singer, Writer/Producer


"Incredibly detailed and thoughtful script notes. Helpful to tighten up scenes and dialogue with an overall appreciation for story and movie-making imagery. So thorough and supportive. Hollywood Script Notes is the best service I have used." -- Heather M Bradshaw


"Hollywood Script Notes is definitely not your standard coverage service. They actually make your script better. Money well spent." -- Jim Kunz, Director/Producer



"These notes are more fun than popping a champagne cork on New Year's Eve!" -- David Santo,  Writer / Teen Zombie Show  


"Do yourself a favor and use this service before you send out your next script. Excellent insight and very helpful notes." -- Robert Lawton, Writer/Director/Producer