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Don't rush out your script. It's never ready -- even when you think it is.


What's the first thing someone does after they read a great script? They tell others about it. Why? Because it's so rare. What is it about those few scripts that makes them stand out from the thousands of other scripts?  Chances are those scripts went through extensive notes and rewrites before they were presented to potential agents, managers and producers. Can you afford not to get professional feedback and opinions on your script? Maybe. But why take that chance? Writing is all about rewriting -- and being patient. There is no rush.


You only get one chance to make a first impression.


In fact, the worst mistake a writer can make is rushing a script out before it's ready. The same word-of-mouth that helps a great script grow legs can also work negatively against a writer who sends out an inferior first draft. Before you make that same mistake take a simple pause and ask yourself this: "Is my script really the best it can be?"  If the answer is no, perhaps it's time to get some overdue third-party perspective.

Hollywood Script Notes offers competitive and affordable pricing for an invaluable set of professional development notes from industry-savvy readers.  We are not a coverage service or a proof-reading service, but we can refer you to trusted sources.