Why should I use Hollywood Script Notes?


That's simple: Unbiased Third-Party Perspective. You think your script is ready -- but it's not. It never is. You're probably too close to it at this stage, so it's important to have a fresh set of eyes on your work -- eyes that have been in the rooms of Hollywood and know what producers are looking for. Our goal is to help you get your script read. We are not co-writers or co-owners of your work. The advice we offer is yours to implement as you see fit.  


Who is actually reading my screenplay?


Hollywood Script Notes is comprised of a small circle of LA-based readers who are also writers and filmmakers working in various capacities in the industry. We are not a coverage service as you don't need us to tell you what your own script is about. We give real notes to emerging writers -- the type of notes that can actually help a writer improve their script.  


Who typically uses Hollywood Script Notes?


Read testimonials from other writers who have used this service. We tend to work best with writers who have a few scripts under their belt. In fact, most of our business comes from word-of-mouth from writers with a strong grasp of the basic craft of screenwriting. If you are completely new to writing we might not be the best fit for you. Email us if you want a recommendation for a proper service.


How much does Hollywood Script Notes cost?


A one-hour script phone call is $99 for both features and TV pilots. Based on feedback, we have changed our notes service to strictly doing one-hour phone calls. It makes more sense for both the writers and the readers -- and the results are much more satisfying and constructive. Post-call email follow-up questions are allowed and greatly encouraged.


How do I get my script and payment to you?


First, you send us an email telling us what type of script you would like notes on and how many pages the script is. We will check our reader schedule and let you know the expected turnaround time and total cost. If you agree you will then email us a PDF of your properly formatted script and the full payment due. We will begin the notes process once we have received full payment.


How long does turnaround take until I get my notes?


Usually 7 to 10 days. Sometimes sooner. Prices are based on properly formatted TV pilots and Feature films under 120 pages. If you have a 194-page science-fiction script it could take us light years -- but we'll give you a delivery date before you commit. If we're booked solid, we'll let you know. If the material is not something we can tackle, we'll let you know asap. We'd rather spend quality time on your script than rushing off inferior notes. 


My mother said my script was awesome but you didn't like it -- Do I get my money back?


No. Your mother makes excellent lasagna. Her script notes? Not so much. Giving notes on a script takes time. The sad fact is that most scripts are just not ready. In fact, the WGA registers close to 100,000 pieces of literary materials each year. And from that, we get about a dozen decent movies and TV shows. You're paying for an opinion -- not accolades. If you have legit concerns we'll address them. We want you to be a satisfied customer.


How do I get an agent or a manager to represent me?


Want an agent and a manager to notice? Write a great screenplay and start sharing it with others. Entering a legit screenplay contest is often a strong motivator to improve your script and attract attention. Nothing opens doors like great writing.


What are some of the better screenwriting contests?


The are hundreds of contests online. We suggest these: Academy Nicholl Fellowship, Austin Screenwriting Competition, BlueCat Screenplay Competition, PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, Scriptapalooza, Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest, and the Tracking Board’s Launch Pad Competition.

Can you recommend other script notes and coverage services?


Our readers have used many services over the years. Some of the best: The Screenplay Mechanic, The Blacklist, and the Tracking Board. Don't overpay for notes. Never pay people to promote your work. Avoid Craigslist scammers. Do basic research.  You deserve great notes at an affordable price.


I don't live in Los Angeles -- How can I network and make connections?


Um, the Internet is, like, awesome!  There are dozens of great online communities to network and share ideas.  A few of the best places we use are the forums and pages of The Tracking Board, Done Deal Pro, Go Into The Story and Script Shadow.  Also, check out the podcasts at Scripts & Scribes and JohnAugust.com.  


REFERRAL POLICY:  If our readers feel your work is ready to be introduced into the marketplace -- and only if we have your permission to do so -- Hollywood Script Notes will gladly pass your script along to top-tier producers, agents, and managers.  But don't use our service expecting a referral.  It's very rare.