So, you want to buy a collectible concert ticket stub to add to your collection of memorabilia? Whatever you do -- do not attempt to buy an Elvis Presley concert ticket stub off of the Internet as eBay and other sites are filled with thousands of mass-produced fake Elvis ticket stubs.


I recently stumbled upon this scam while researching a screenplay about forgers. The people preying upon the uneducated Elvis Presley collectibles crowd are making a fortune.


The fake sellers are literally printing thousands of similar tickets with random seats -- usually in section 200-300. This is done for a few hundred dollars. Do the math -- 1,000 tickets sold over 2-3 years for $30-50 a pop is easy money.


How to spot the fakes: Each ticket is in mint condition and perfectly torn halfway through Elvis' name. The seller will explain that "...their cousin's friend had an uncle who knew a guy that worked at the show and he brought these seats home after working as an usher at the concert in 1975..."  They're also filled with gibberish info to make them seem legit. And the back of the tickets has none of the actual Ticketmaster language and terms.


Do a quick search on eBay for any Elvis Presley concert ticket stub and you will get hundreds of results ranging in price from $23 to $2300. Very few are authentic and not the kind you would buy from a stranger online.  


The most common fake Elvis stub looks like this one -- Ticket for the Cleveland Coliseum, Richfield, Ohio Show July 10, 1975 8.30pm -- which in fact is a common mass-produced fake ticket. 

fake elvis presley concert ticket stub.p

Mass-produced fake ticket for the Cleveland Coliseum, Richfield, Ohio Show July 10, 1975 8.30pm -- 100% FAKE -- You'll find a dozen of these online -- some even have same seat numbers.

If you find a ticket that looks anything like the one above, you can bank on it that it's most likely 1000% bogus.


Here are some great resource links to help you avoid scammers in the collectibles and memorabilia marketplace: