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   Here are a few screenplay notes and feedback sites we have used in the past:





              The Screenplay Mechanic                                      The Blacklist


Other screenplay sites, blogs, and forums:

The Tracking Board

Tracking B

Done Deal Pro

Script Shadow

OVER THE EDGE - screenplay

About Hollywood Script Notes


Hollywood Script Notes is a screenwriting resource and notes service helping to ensure that your script is both professional and industry-ready before it's presented into the highly competitive script marketplace. Hollywood Script Notes' readers and expert consultants have decades of experience working in the entertainment industry as writers, producers, filmmakers and executives.  

Hollywood Script Notes offers competitive and affordable pricing for an invaluable set of professional feedback notes from industry-savvy readers. Notes packages start as low as $99.  Our development notes are designed to serve as your rewrite guideline -- helping you to find your voice and give your screenplay the edge it needs to captivate, entertain and impress your reader.   We are not a coverage service or a proof-reading service.


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